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1. How centurycoingroup System double my Bitcoins?
Ans. centurycoingroup System is specially design to predict Bitcoin Price from different Bitcoin Exchanges; we are using high frequency automated trading Bot to buy/sell Bitcoin on price difference & get lot of profit. We also sell Bitcoin by converting it in local currency on high cost and buy back Bitcoin in less cost using others exchanges.

2. What is the minimum & maximum amount of bitcoins I can invest on centurycoingroup System?
i) Minimum 0.2 BTC & Maximum 20000 BTC.
ii) Minimum 10 ETH & Maximum 6000 ETH.
iii) Minimum 10 LTC & Maximum 15000 LTC.
iv) Minimum 5 BCH & Maximum 5000 BCH.

3. How can I invest on centurycoingroup System?
Ans. Investment on centurycoingroup is pretty simple. You just need to provide us your email & your Bitcoin payout address, and then just click on double my Bitcoin button. Then one popup will show with our Bitcoin address. You will get a mail regarding all contract from centurycoingroup System, this is system generated mail so please also check your Spam/Junk Folder. Now you just need to transfer your desire investment amount on our Bitcoin address & wait for blockchain confirmation. Once it will confirm 3 times via blockchain, you will notify via a mail with your login details. Now you can track your investment with your login credentials on centurycoingroup System. Once 3 hr is completed you will get double of your investment.

4. Does centurycoingroup System take longer than 7 days to receive my doubled bitcoins?
Ans. 99.9% NO, we are using emergency wallet to ensure you timely payment. But in case if our system halt or getting technical problem then you can contact us using support tab and we will release it manually.

5. How I can be sure centurycoingroup System is Legit?
Ans. You can check our home page and verify all Bitcoin transaction on blockchain, we believe on transparency, all deposit & payout data is live. We show us as we are, without any hidden promises.

6. How do I withdraw my money from centurycoingroup System?
Ans. After made investment you no need to do anything, just wait for 7 days and after check your payout wallet address. Let's surprise "you just got double of your investment" centurycoingroup work on auto mode. So don't worry.

7. What if I do not see an answer to my question?
Ans. Don't worry just write us on or fill support form. Our team will reply you within 12 hours.

8. When will my deposit show up on My Investments?
Ans. Your deposit transaction will show automatically on homepage, once it will confirm via blockchain three times. centurycoingroup System also notify you via mail with login credentials.

9. Do you only accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency?
Ans. centurycoingroup System currently accept Bitcoins only. Soon we update you about new cryptocurrencies.

10. What should I do if I don't receive my doubled bitcoins after 7 days?
Ans. Just write us using support tab, our team will investigate & solve your problem, we provide you 100% assurance about your investment.

11. What happens if I submit the same bitcoin withdraw address more than once?
Ans. Don't worry, on each investment our system generate a unique id to identify your investment transaction. That id is unique for each transaction, so our system easily identify about all your multiple investment with single payout address.

12. 7 days have passed, when will you process a payout?
Ans. usually Payout taken 15 to 20 minute, in some case it may be delay maximum 24 hrs. After 24 hrs you need to immediate contact us. So we can find problem and manually transfer your payout.

13. Do you charge any fees for your services?
Ans. No, centurycoingroup System never charges any fee from investors. Our automated bots provide us enough profit using your Bitcoins.

14. Can I make more than one deposit on centurycoingroup?
Ans. Yes, you can make unlimited investment but each investment should be under maximum & minimum investment amount.

15. Timer shows that it's time for my payment, when will I receive it?
Ans. Usually Payout taken 15 to 20 minute, so check your payout wallet after 20 minute.

16. What makes centurycoingroup System unique?
Ans. centurycoingroup System believe on transparency, we show us as we are. Our system is crystal clear & showing all Live data on homepage.

17. Is centurycoingroup System protected against hacker attacks & what about the security?
Ans. Our system is fully protected by all kind of hackers & virus; we are using 1000 Gbps DDoS protection, SSL protection, hardware & software firewalls & emergency backup servers.

18. What is means by investment time and confirmation time?
Ans. Time when investment made called investment time & after investment your investment will confirm via blockchain 3 times, once it confirm that time called confirmation time. Our system follows confirmation time only. Once your investment will confirm via blockchain three times then only it's called a valid investment & our system also notify you via mail. After only our system count 7 days, and you get double of your investment.

19. What if i deposit more than maximum or less than minimum?
Ans. If you invest less then minimum & more than maximum then it will consider as a donation. Please understand currently our automated bots not able to handle less then minimum & more than maximum amount, so please don't invest less then minimum & more than maximum Bitcoin Amount on centurycoingroup System.

20. About centurycoingroup?
Ans. At centurycoingroup, our aim to provide you Win Win solution. We are expert in financial management. We are have been working from 2012 in Bitcoin Market. centurycoingroup is our Brand we provide you double of your investment returns.